We had the chance to talk to both UK Bar-Barbarians Jay Anthony and Migs CK Ulloa about thier London youth workout project Crazy 4 Calisthenics. On top of that they gave away thier secrets, thoughts and ideas about calisthenics workout, routines  and motivation.

Hi guys, welcome! It’s a pleasure to talk to both of you legends! It seems like you’ve been part of the workout scene forever. Let me know how you guys started out and how you guys started C4C?

Crazy 4 CalisthenicsMigs:
I started out in about 2008/2009, I had broke a few bones so couldn’t weight train. Like jay I found Bar-Barians, Bartendaz & Hannibal for King on YouTube to name just a few. I was blown away by what they could do with just body-weight.

In 2011 I started to take training seriously & decided that Bar-barians held everything I believed in there ethos. After some hard training I earned my gold wings in late 2012. I had known Jay since the beginning and in 2013 we decided to create Crazy 4 Calisthenics as our values were the same and we wanted to give back to the youth. The rest is history!

Crazy 4 CalisthenicsJay:
I had become bored of weight training and in 2008 I was on YouTube looking for workouts I could do at home. I came across the Bar-Barians training in Wingate park and saw some crazy stuff! When i saw a muscle-up and front lever I got hooked.

In summer 2009 after a lot of hard training I became the first British Bar-Barian. I met Migs back in 2009 & helped him through his BBR’s… After years of working together we decided to create Crazy 4 Calisthenics to work dedicated programme to help the youth, with an end goal to become qualified fitness instructors.

What does it mean to be part of C4C and having an affiliation with the hardhitters? What responsibilities comes with it, besides training and working out?

Migs: Being part of C4C is just like having a extended family, everyone involved teachers and students are there for one reason… hard work! As for the HH’s, we are just a normal bunch of blokes who share the same core values on training… My dudes ?

Jay: For me being part of C4C is seeing progression within the C4C family… Its a joy to see. We have to be composed and humble and take care of our actions and words around our youth. HH’s are just UK fellas… reps & sets, clean & simple.

I trained with both of you and can say your workout differs from others, how would you describe your way of training?

Migs: Strict reps, Controlled movements, High Volume (un-weighted), Weighted Strength.

Jay: Its endurance, high intensity body weight movements with isometric holds chucked in.

You’ve been training for years now, have you sustained any injuries?

Migs: I have had/have tendinitis in my elbow & have pulled too many muscles to list.

Jay: I tore my rotator cuff & have tendinitis my in elbows and forearm.

A lot of people are into weighted calisthenics these days, muscle-up’s with +10kg seems to be considered as normal. Sometimes i wonder if people know about the risks of working out the weight. Especially when they start with only a few months into training. What do you think of this?

Crazy 4 CalisthenicsMigs:
Always build those basic foundations before you go weighted. Once you have clean reps and controlled movements the natural progression is weighted. At a certain point It just becomes too easy without weights.

Jay: Always good to add weight, It will help you progress. Get your movement right and technique. Make sure you warm up warm down and stretch with or without weight. Most important is to make sure its a gradual progression.

Would you say bodyweight basics are the foundation of the C4C workout?

Migs: Yes
Jay: Yes

What would you consider the best calisthenics workout routine there is?

Migs: There are way to many routines. Just keep them balanced and strict form.

Jay: There really is too many to say… But perhaps one of the Bar-barian 5MD’s.

Both of you teach calisthenics to a wide array of people. Do you follow a workout philosophy? & what would you say is the benefit from sharing your knowledge with others? How does your training get received?

Migs: My philosophy is simply strict strict strict… clean clean clean. If you cant get it right practice till you do, don’t go for them half reps or those ‘W’ levers… clean it up! Like Jay said the benefit of sharing is learning from
Crazy 4 Calisthenicsothers. I think people receive the C4C method of training well, but If you don’t like hard work and being corrected all the time its not for you… ?

Jay: My basic philosophy is keep motivated – Warm-up – Increase your intensity, but know when to cut your intensity. Its good to share knowledge, swapping routines… learning news thing equals keeping things fresh. I like to see people do my routines & complete others, its that mirror motivation. I think my training methods think are well received, as i have a regular group & they keep coming back. I have had people quit their gym to commit to cali, so you tell me? ?

If you wanna know more about Crazy 4 Calisthenics or even wanna train with them. You find all necessary information at their Facebook page.

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