Street Workout

Calisthenics glossary / definitions

Calisthenics Beginner? Interested in calisthenics and street workout training, but overwhelmed with all the terms the people use? Here is a short introction in calisthenics and the usual terms used by the other athlets. Important terms, personalities und definitions Understand the language of the [...]

Barceloneta Workout Day

————–BARCELONETA WORKOUT DAY————— Todos los domingos de final de mes concentración de streetworkout y calistenia en Barceloneta a partir de las 11:00. Fechas: 26 de Marzo 25 de Junio 30 de Abril 30 de Julio 28 de Mayo 27 de Agosto Entre [...]

How to Find a Great Calisthenics Exercise Park

Gym memberships can be expensive. The environment can be poor with steroid users flexing in the mirror, weirdos that make for a great laugh as they do strange things in the gym, and a lack of good training principles that lead to injuries. Calisthenics, gymnastics, and other bodyweight training [...]