Calisthenics glossary / definitions

Calisthenics Beginner? Interested in calisthenics and street workout training, but overwhelmed with all the terms the people use? Here is a short introction in calisthenics and the usual terms used by the other athlets. Important terms, personalities und definitions Understand the language of the worldwide bodyweight fitness scene to get connected to other athlets. Bar […]

Bar Jam @ Strongbars

Barjam on the sickest and only BarMania Pro rig in the country. Mini competitions on the day will include Max one set Muscle Ups, Pull ups, longest levers and handstands, max one rep weighted reps in various formats, freestyle demonstrations and mini freestyle competitions judged by the cheer of the crowd alone. Some of the […]

Montreal Fitness Expo – World Pull Up Day – Calisthenics Competition

Next Level Fitness presents Montreal’s first annual max pull-up / push-up / muscle-up & dips competition. Held in the heart of downtown Montreal at the The Palais des congrès. In collaboration with Salon de l’entraînement physique et du sport All fitness categories/levels are welcome to join in on the friendly competition. Categories will includes events […]