Calisthenics glossary / definitions

Calisthenics Beginner? Interested in calisthenics and street workout training, but overwhelmed with all the terms the people use? Here is a short introction in calisthenics and the usual terms used by the other athlets. Important terms, personalities und definitions Understand the language of the worldwide bodyweight fitness scene to get connected to other athlets. Bar […]

Barceloneta Workout Day

————–BARCELONETA WORKOUT DAY————— Todos los domingos de final de mes concentración de streetworkout y calistenia en Barceloneta a partir de las 11:00. Fechas: 26 de Marzo 25 de Junio 30 de Abril 30 de Julio 28 de Mayo 27 de Agosto Entre diversos colectivos, deportistas y grupos de streetworkout y calistenia de Cataluña unidos, organizamos […]

World Pull Up Day – Pull up point – Lincoln Terrace Park

World Pull Up Day – Pull up point – Lincoln Terrace Park “In 2011 Latvian Street Workout Association (founders of World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation) together with company “Latvian Railroad” organized “Latvian Pull-Up Day” for the first time. It was a one day pull-up competition in 50 cities of Latvia with super-final live on […]

Montreal Fitness Expo – World Pull Up Day – Calisthenics Competition

Next Level Fitness presents Montreal’s first annual max pull-up / push-up / muscle-up & dips competition. Held in the heart of downtown Montreal at the The Palais des congrès. In collaboration with Salon de l’entraînement physique et du sport All fitness categories/levels are welcome to join in on the friendly competition. Categories will includes events […]

Bodyweight Fitness & Calisthenics Apps

Calisthenics is also a trending topic in the common app store for mobile devices. Download our app for iOS and Android devices. Find more than 2400+ workout spots worldwide. Use gps location to find spot next to your and filter the results by rating, accesibility and more options. Register and log in and share your […]

How to Find a Great Calisthenics Exercise Park

Gym memberships can be expensive. The environment can be poor with steroid users flexing in the mirror, weirdos that make for a great laugh as they do strange things in the gym, and a lack of good training principles that lead to injuries. Calisthenics, gymnastics, and other bodyweight training disciplines can be more effective at […]