Barceloneta Workout Day

————–BARCELONETA WORKOUT DAY————— Todos los domingos de final de mes concentración de streetworkout y calistenia en Barceloneta a partir de las 11:00. Fechas: 26 de Marzo 25 de Junio 30 de Abril 30 de Julio 28 de Mayo 27 de Agosto Entre diversos colectivos, deportistas y grupos de streetworkout y calistenia de Cataluña unidos, organizamos […]

How to Find a Great Calisthenics Exercise Park

Gym memberships can be expensive. The environment can be poor with steroid users flexing in the mirror, weirdos that make for a great laugh as they do strange things in the gym, and a lack of good training principles that lead to injuries. Calisthenics, gymnastics, and other bodyweight training disciplines can be more effective at […]

Adam Raw – Interview about Training, Workout, Nutrition

  Hi Adam, it’s great to talk to you! How did your workout journey get started and when did it all become the „RAW Workout“? Salute, I started around 2010/2011 with most motivation coming from Ukrainian videos – festivals in Dnepropetrovsk, as well as Lord Vital’s, Team Beastmode’s and NY Workout Team’s videos, not to forget […]