Gym memberships can be expensive. The environment can be poor with steroid users flexing in the mirror, weirdos that make for a great laugh as they do strange things in the gym, and a lack of good training principles that lead to injuries.
Calisthenics, gymnastics, and other bodyweight training disciplines can be more effective at achieving functional strength. The training is hard yet it can be fun. The community is great, training is varied in that you move to different body positions rather than throw more weight on the bar, and you can get outdoors.
The challenge a lot of people find is where to train. Having a good place to train means you can meet nice people. They can encourage you, you learn from each other, and you make new friends. Bring along your speed rope or gymnastic rings and you can get a great training session.
How do you find a good calisthenics park or outdoors place to train? I’m in Australia and calisthenics training is growing but it is still early days. There’s a couple of gyms opening like Raising the Bar in Brisbane that specialize in calisthenics, which is great to see. It is still great to exercise outdoors.
Without a doubt, the best place to find a good workout is to use the Calisthenics Parks app. The app lets you locate parks around that have equipment like pull up bars, parallel bars, abs bench, dip handles, gymnastic rings, and more. See it for yourself.
There are many things I love about the app. If you’re travelling to another part of your city visiting a friend, overseas, or just want to squeeze in a workout at an unfamiliar location, jump on the app and you can find a place with the equipment you need. Users filter through the equipment and provide photos so you know what’s there before you arrive.
Once you get on the app, I encourage you to explore the parks in your region. Find out if there’s equipment that people can use. Be a spotter for the app, which means you tag the location, upload a photo, and describe what’s there. It’s important we all help make calisthenics and street workout accessible to everyone. More people will find the place giving you an opportunity to make friends.
Download the app, go to training, and I’ll see you above the bar.

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Jason Debel is co-founder of Urban Strength where you can get training advice and gear for your workouts at the park.

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