Streetworkout Session Köln

After a long day of Calisthenics and the Barheroes Battle at the Fibo we want to continue the fun 😀 We are going to do an open session on the streets of cologne. Start will be at 20:00 at the Kölner Dom (Cologne cathedral in english), then we will see where the journey takes us ^^ Everyone is [...]

Barheroes FIBO Calisthenics Battle

It´s time to bring calisthenics to the FIBO 2017! Barheroes FIBO is a calisthenics freestyle battle. It will take place at the big Calisthenicsbooth (H4.1-A52) at the Fibo in Cologne, Germany on April 8, 2017. The style of the competition is a 16 man K.O. battle with one final winner. The prizes [...]