Calisthenics  & Bodyweight Fitness  in the united states of america

These days calisthenics and street workout training are getting popular in united states workout culture. Starting from New York City, groups like Barstarzz spread a new movement in bodyweight fitness training all around the US. Actually there are a many workout stations in big cities like Los Angeles, Miami and New York and also in small town all over the country.

Many athlets change their training plan to full bodyweight workout and also use calisthenics gyms to get in thier shape of life. Supported by successful influcencers like Hannibal for King or Frank Medrana, the movement is growing quickly.

Over the years the scene  is more organised. There are association like the WCO (World Calisthenics Organization) and also local groups organising local training, workshops and comepetition events.

Beside this there is also a big scene in bodyweight fitness using gymnastics base or fitness apps like Freeletics.

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