Calisthenics workout

Calisthenics, Outdoor-Fitness und Street Workout

Calisthenics is the modern style of bodyweight fitness training. This kind of street sport (also called street workout) is one of the biggest trends in contempary fitness scene. Classes and courses are also offered in many gyms and sports-clubs all over the world.

Bodyweight Exercises

Classic bodyweight exercises like push ups , pull ups, squats and dips are the base of this sports movement. In combination with intense static holds from gymnastics and dynamic parkour movement the whole body and all muscles will be involved. Videos on YouTube show athlets doing movement like muscle ups, front lever, back lever or the human flag in a spectacular way. The calisthenics-lifestyle also involve a well balanced and beneficial nutrition. Diets like vegan and paleo are very popular in the outdoor-fitness community.

Calisthenics Exercise Parks & Street Workout Stations

One of the most important things in street workout training is to find a good and accesible workout location with high quality exercise stations. Many countries in the world have a really good infrastructure in public pull up bars and other equipment. Often this equipment is build in fitness trail along a running trail through the local forest.
The modern version of this concept is a central module based calisthenics park in urban environment. This allows many athlets to use this exercise stations and combine exercises to effective routines instead of running from station to station.